Armani Water: Couture meets Cuisine at Corbelli’s 

Armani have just launched a new bottle – and this time it’s not pour homme or pour femme, but to pour into your glass and it’s available at Corbelli’s Italian Deli, based in Lower Lichfield Street, Willenhall.14

Usually a wholesaler of the finest Italian wines, cheeses, salamis, prosciutto, other cooked meats, olives, olive oil and pasta to restaurants, the family run business which is open to the public on Saturdays 10am until 2pm, and Sundays 10am to 1.30pm has recently acquired exclusive distribution rights for Acqua Armani in the UK and Ireland.

Iconic Italian fashion house Armani has ventured into the world of haute beverages with the launch of artisan water. Embracing Armani’s Italian heritage, the range comprises of Sole Natural Mineral Water – a premium Italian water sourced from the foothills of the Italian Alps at Lombardy which is bottled in compliance with the highest hygiene and quality control standards. With the ideal mineral content and very low levels of sodium, the water is among Italy’s purest – something which is captured in Acqua Armani’s sophisticated and stylish bottle design, making it a stunning addition to any kitchen or dining table.

Corbelli’s which was established in Wolverhampton in 1965 before moving to its current location in 1980, is providing customers from all over the country with the unique opportunity to purchase Acqua Armani directly from them, therefore cutting out the middle man and buying the beverage at a surprisingly reasonable price

Aqua Armani

Aqua Armani

The range of bottled still and sparking water has everything you’d expect from Giorgio Armani – with elegance at its forefront, who thought getting your 8 glasses a day could be so stylish! Imagine impressing your clients at your corporate event with sophisticated couture water, available in both 330ml and 750ml beautifully designed bottles, a sure sign of the success of your company.

Or perhaps you are planning a wedding and want to give it that opulent feel. Guests will be certain to comment on your designer beverage as they relax and enjoy your big day. Even the most high-maintenance invitee will be impressed (and they don’t even need to know that you saved money by purchasing the bottles directly from Corbelli’s)!

With excellent customer service at their forefront, Corbelli’s is the perfect place to make your purchase of Acqua Armani. Why pay premium prices when you can purchase the product in the authentic Italian delicatessen, surrounded by the rich aroma of cheese and salami, whilst the sounds of traditional Italian music and language resonate in your ears?

So, what are you waiting for? Make Acqua Armani the chic addition to your special occasion and astonish your friends, family or clients by purchasing a couture brand at Corbelli’s prices.

For more information call Corbelli’s on 01902 630994.


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